A manager can not afford to have tradespeople disrupting customers and staff, or detracting from the public experience of a facility.
All KPD staff have received training in the non-core skills required to work in commercial, retail and other public environments.
They understand the need to work quietly and unobtrusively.
They understand the need to choose materials that do not have harsh or offensive odours. Where this cannot be avoided, their application is restricted to times outside normal trading hours.
Our staff understands the need to set in place rigorous safety measures to keep staff and customers away from potential harmful situations.
They recognise that mess is intolerable in a public environment and clean as they go.
KPD staff have also been trained in dealing with the public, who typically may ask what is being done. Members of the public are referred to as “Sir” or “Madam”, and all efforts are made to cooperate with facility staff.